Secret Soldiers

Anyone up for a week of secret buddies in the office? >D
What would, say, Kimblee, send to his unsuspecting buddy? Inflatable cow? Marshmallow cereal? Pipe bomb? We (Chex & Itsychick) were thinking of emailing everyone a buddy, and we could post ficlets/fics about them receiving their gift(s). Who wants to leave bizarre things on their co-worker's desks?
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As I am now the mun for sparklymuscles and fully equipped with a battery of Armstrong icons, I am prepared to assume the role fate has given me (by fate I mean Sand3, Itsy, and especially Chex.) I'm still not sure how the rotation works, since I haven't seen it in action or had it explained to me, but I saw in an early post on metadogs that everyone has a day of the month on which to post a fic. Since I'm not on that list, I presume that I'll need to have one assigned to me. I'll leave it to the Powers That Be to decide what's what.

Furthermore, I understand that I have had certain genders assigned to me by some (read: all) members of the group. I feel it is important to point out that while my patience for such jesting is not limitless in the real world, this is not the real word. I'm not saying I have a preference one way or the other, but if you will it so...

There you have it. I'm in.
follow the leader, Al, QL, Sam

As I have been threatening

I am taking a brief vacation from fandom. I doubt it should be more than, you know, one or two weeks. Probably. kanzenhanzai, I pulled your name out of a hat and gave you mod ops on metadogs and gave rizasjournal mod ops on militarydogs. Don't feel you have to do anything too strenuous, just, you know, if we get trolls, ban they asses. Or something. If someone gets accused of plagiarism again, email me and I'll do the honors of shutting the whole thing down (and I swear, honest to God, if someone plagiarises during my vacation, I'm shutting this thing down permanently for extreme wankitude and never looking back. Because. Seriously. Everyone got the memo, right? Plagiarism is bad? Y'all know now?).

Um, kanzenhanzai, one other detail. New player. sparklymuscles, played by scinex. dragonalchemist and itsychick and sand3 and that lot dragged her him into it, so I kind of expect them to be in charge of hand-holding her him through the first scary weeks. So you shouldn't have too much to do.

(There is also a Winry application from brightygurl, you can audition her if you want but don't feel obligated.)

(kanzenhanzai? Sorry. Really. Um. I told them to kowtow to you, if that makes up for anything?)
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Radioactive Pants...

I would like to point out that Jul is right and it WAS Itsychick's idea... I just have the superior editing skill and slack-offery. What can I say? I'm a poorly-prioritized genius!

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Cracky, I'ma kick your ass myself when I can string a coherant thought together! And then I'ma kick kasumicc's ass too... God damn that armor dance... Not only is it trying to make me think when my sinuses are trying to explode out my head, but it also did a further job of blasking my skull open with the freakin' volume on that wav file. I'm too dopey right now to do anything but complain about y'all, so I'm a just give you this picture to illustrate my feelings.