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All right! This is the very first official post of metadogs, where we will plot and connive for militarydogs. For those of you who are here for the first time, let me explain what militarydogs is.

I (in my 'real' lj identity, jmtorres--see the puppeteer's hand!) wrote a story in which Mustang's posse had a number of bets riding on his lovelife. keelieinblack, my beta, and I joked that Fury and Havoc were the BNFs of the militarydogs mailing list, Fury writing the long romances, Havoc writing the PWPs.

Foolishly, I didn't let it remain a joke. I actually made the militarydogs comm and associated puppets for an RPG.

Excuse me a moment.


Sorry, I'm back now. So the idea is, militarydogs is a comm where Mustang's posse (and possibly other characters from the FMAverse) post fiction about their hot superior officers screwing like bunnies. It's... simulated RPF. Or something.

It is an RPG of wrongness.

Some of the characters have already been claimed. Some of them still need puppeteers. Please comment on this post to either cement your claim or offer to play any of the characters below:

colonelhorsey--Roy Mustang (jmtorres). As he features heavily in the fic many of the others write, his presence makes them nervous. However, he's mostly just goofing off and wants to join in the fun. Also, he's ridiculously close-mouthed about how right anybody really is about his sexlife.

rizasjournal--Riza Hawkeye (kanzenhanzai). She's mostly on the board to harangue everybody to get back to work, but she's going to post incident reports and performance reviews here, because here at least she knows everyone will read them. She has a sneaky dry humor that slips into this material.

centralibrarian--Sciescka (ponderosa121). She scans the pictures Hughes keeps giving her, because everyone should see the Hughesy goodness, right? Especially when he starts giving her "arty" photos. (Yes, I know she worked for him for like, 5 episodes, tops. I declare AU. Hughes discovered her on his own, shortly after she was fired from the library. Yes.)

furiouspuppy--Cain Fury (fireun). Tends towards the long romances, soft-focus first times, angsty introspection, tragic doomed love, etc. It would be totally in character for him to get into a characterization war with Havoc--one of their main points of contention is that Fury believes Roy and Maes share a deep but unconsummated bond of love, whereas Havoc thinks Mustang and Hughes were fuckbuddies during the war.

tricksterdog--Heymans Breda (crack_alchemist). An unrepentant Roy/Riza shipper who loves to rile the slashers up.

c3_h5_n3_o9--Kimblee (sohma_shigure). Author of the infamous exploding porn, and partner-in-crime with Scar.

notalphonse--Alphonse Elric (dragonalchemist and sand3). The joke is everybody knows he's Alphonse, even though he denies it, but they're perfectly willing to pretend along with him when he starts posting fic about his brother. Writes Roy/Ed and Elricest.

lightmycig--Jean Havoc (ceasefire, starting April 2006. Formerly played by sennen_cuff, Feb-March 2006). All about the PWPs. Keeps claiming to have some firsthand experience with Colonel Mustang--unconfirmed.

collodium--Maes Hughes (itsychick). Sneakily monitors all activity on the board. Writes things he wouldn't be ashamed to show his daughter. You know. Cute, fluffy gen. Also draws everything he can't catch on film.

(Unclaimed for the moment)
sparklymuscles--Alex Armstrong. Um. We have no idea what brand of crack Armstrong will bring to the table, but if you wanna play him, you let us know.

redeyedkiller--Scar. Kimblee's partner-in-crime and co-author of infamous exploding porn.

A lot of other characters have been mentioned in brainstorming, including Armstrong, Falman, Archer, and Winry. If you're interested in playing any of these, or anyone else, comment with ideas on how to incorporate them and what fannish contributions they can make.

What you are signing on for:

All players must post to militarydogs at least twice a month, and comment on a significant portion of each other's posts. At least one of your monthly posts must be a 'content' post, ie, fic, essay, drawing, you get the idea. This can either be a standalone story or vignette, or a chapter of a longer story, if you get inspired to go long. The other post can be content, too, or just an in-character RP post about how boring it is in the office, how many pencils Roy's put in the ceiling, how scary Hawkeye is today, etc. We'll stagger everybody's months, so we get content all month instead of just at the end of the month. (For instance, lightmycig's month might end on the 15th, mine on the 30th, because we're going to be in something of a competition, and that would give us time to work around each other.)

While you will be writing in-character as your puppet, with your puppet's slant on things, I encourage you to write good fic. One of the goals of this is lots of fic everyone can enjoy. In brainstorming, we've occasionally discussed the likely shortcomings of these characters as writers (for instance, that Winry would write too technically), but I would prefer that you not sacrifice quality to the role-playing. Let your puppet's viewpoint color the fic, but remember, in this world, everyone is a talented writer. Yes, really.

Requirements for signing up:

1. All applicants be at least 18 years of age.

2. You must submit both:
a) fic which you feel is a good example of the quality you are capable of and of the tone or genre you plan to write for your character
b) some evidence you they are regular writer or are capable of writing on demand; the former would be a dated list of fiction for the last six months; the latter would be something like fic you produced for a ficathon or challenge, or a post asking for drabble prompts and the results, something like that.

3. I'll be googling submissions to check for plagiarism, and if you've ever posted them under another handle, you should expect to hear from me on that handle, checking up. I wish this wasn't a necessary step, and I hope it never turns anything up.

What you get when you sign up:

When you sign up, I'll hand you the password to your puppet journal. You can change that password if you like; they're all things I can remember, which won't be necessary when you take possession.

Your puppet journal comes with a default icon--I'd like you to keep it, as they're part of a themed set. You can add more icons, but the only FMA character icons your puppet should have should be of him or herself, because otherwise it just gets too confusing.

You should change the e-mail address associated with the puppet account (please! So that comments on your entries go to you and not me!). You should write up a biography for your puppet, and decide on its interests.

If you're inclined to journal design, you can play around with that, although I request that you stick to s1 styles, because colonelhorsey's computer cannot handle s2 styles and he wants to be able to see everyone's journals. He's requisitioned upgraded hardware but it has not arrived yet--damn bureaucracy.

If you want to pay for LJ time for your puppet to get any of the paid features, you can. I won't stop you. I may laugh at you, but really, that would be hypocritical of me, because it's not like I'm not excessively obsessed or anything.

Division of RPG and Meta:

Non-RP'ers will be allowed to join (but not post in) militarydogs, and they will likely comment on fiction. If they just comment on the story, feel free to answer them in-character with your character journal. If they comment on your performance, please answer them with your real journal.

Likewise, if you need to ask another puppeteer a question, use your real journal. Keep the puppets in-character.

If we need to discuss plot/meta issues (and there will be some plot stuff--some stuff specific to the wrong fannish world of militarydogs, but also, dropping in plot elements from the series), that's what metadogs is for. You can post here as either your puppet or your real journal. Non-players cannot join or post.

A note on our current point in the timeline at start of play: We're in the 'missing three years' after Ed gets his certification, but before he goes to Liore.

(For reference: places were brainstorming and plotting has gone on previously: here, here, here, and here.)

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  • Hey, remember when...?

    Operation Get Hughes is ON. Fury, Ed, Hawkeye? You all remember? I think we decided on this for the order.

  • Secret Soldiers

    Anyone up for a week of secret buddies in the office? >D What would, say, Kimblee, send to his unsuspecting buddy? Inflatable cow? Marshmallow…

  • hawkeye + paint fumes = ♥

    In case you were wondering wtf Hawkeye is rambling on about . . . If you don't mind manga spoilers, wikipedia has a brief summary indicating a